Women’s Walks 2023

Happy Spring Sisters in Christ!

This Earth Day 2023, we will be exploring a new trail given as a suggestion from Norma Howard! We will be exploring the George Canyon Trail in Rolling Hills!

The George Canyon Trail is a nature trail that passes through one of the most pristine and beautiful canyons on the peninsula, and the trail is one mile long with interpretive signs, guideposts, benches, viewing decks and a drinking fountain.

Please park at the address for the trail at 27305 Palos Verdes Dr E, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274. If you have any direction questions, you can refer to the map that I will post in the discussion section of this event.

If you feel called by God to lead our devotion for this walk, please contact Nathalie Mills directly at nsugra@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there! *See flyer for additional dates/locations.

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