Meet Our Elders

Poul Erik Norgaard, Head Elder. Poul Erik has a seminary degree and preaches in local LCMS churches as needs arise. He joined the Elder Board in May of 2021 and is the father to two Christ Lutheran School Alumni.

Matt Hyatt

Matt Hyatt stepped into the role of elder in June 2021. Matt brings years of experience in web development to Christ Lutheran Church and School blessing us with professional media to share our mission and ministry beyond our doors.

Bill Reichert attends to the details of each upcoming church service. Sunday. Bill visits the Christ Lutheran congregational shut-ins and provides the opportunity for communion. Bill is the longest serving elder and is a former head elder.

Brad Turnbaugh serves in Youth Ministries.

Paul Mills was raised in Los Angeles, and currently lives in San Pedro.  He is married with two children who are students at Christ Lutheran School.  Paul developed our Tech Department and continues to oversee all the audio and visual needs of the church and school. 

Walter Bloss faithfully serves during church services and provides years of experience to our elders.

Mark Richards is a big help as a Duty Elder. If you wonder how the white cloth gets on the cross at Easter, it is Mark who climbs the high ladder.