1st Annual Art Show

Our 1st Annual Student Art Gallery Open House themed “All Things Bright and Beautiful” hosted by CLCS’s Art Teacher, Mrs. Turnbull on Friday, June 2, 2023. Congrats to our raffle winners! Thank you for your purchases of raffle tickets. Funds will benefit our Art Program! Read on to see a video and photos from the show!

Why is an Art Program important to Christ Lutheran School?

We live in an increasingly chaotic and fractured world with a culture that seems to revel in discord and hostility. Things can feel broken and ugly and uncertain. As most valuable creation of the Master Artist God, we have been imbued with His character to be creators and caretakers of the world around us. Whether we create through music, computer code, words, body movements, or paint, we are reflecting the creative nature of and order of the natural world around us- marveling at the colors of the sunset, the texture and pattern of bark, or the play of light and shadows in the trees- can develop a sense of wonder and gratitude for what God has given us. Emulating that beauty cultivates an attitude of worship which strengthens our sense of peace and joy.

Christ Lutheran strives to nurture the whole child- academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The connection of art in all academic disciplines helps students view the world more holistically rather than as fragmented parts and reinforces the idea that all things work together with order and beauty by a purposeful design. By building on each student’s unique talents and strengths in our school community, the cultivation of artistic experiences is one more way to stretch, grow and celebrate the children in our school while reflecting the character of the Master Artist.

– Sarah Turnbull

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