Deborah Blechner

Kindergarten Teacher

Deborah Blechner

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Source: Holy Bible

One In Christ – Concordia Publishing House (Primary Curriculum Resource)

  • Themes:
    • God Loves People
    • God Blesses Families
    • God’s People Get a Land of Their Own
    • Christ, the Savior, is Born
    • Jesus Begins His Work
    • Jesus Cares
    • Holy Week
    • Heaven Is Mine
    • The Holy Spirit Spreads God’s Word
  • There is a Scripture verse card discussed each week corresponding to the Letter of the Week.
  • Daily Devotions:
    • Numerous resources are used…
      • I Want to Be Just Like Jesus;
      • Jesus Calling Bible Story Book
      • A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories
      • Zondervan Kids Bible resource books
      • Arch Bible Story Books
      • …are just some of the many resources used.
  • Character Studies: People of Faith in the Old and New Testament
  • Memory Work: Weekly Bible Verses, Songs, Prayers
  • Seasons of the Church Year


Curriculum Resources: Houghton-Mifflin Phonics K; Pearson Phonics K, Evan-Moore Reading K,
Spectrum Phonics; TpT Units; Scholastic Let’s Find Out; Scholastic Story Spin; Lakeshore
Resources; A Reason for Writing K, My First Writing Prompts Journal, Scholastic Collective Book
Projects A – Z

Our phonics-based curriculum, through literature and thematic instruction, introduces and

  • Early reading skills
  • Sight Words
  • Printing and Early Writing Experiences (Option Resources: Writing Prompts Journal; Picture-Word Journal; Daily Language Practice Journal; Interactive Notebook; Thematic Class Books)

Opportunities are provided to improve receptive and expressive language. Students will learn about notable children’s authors and illustrators

The Zaner-Bloser method of manuscript printing is taught and practiced. A variety of resources are used as applicable. The primary curricular resource is published by A Reason for Writing Level K

Language Art lessons, projects, and activities incorporate thematic, classic, and contemporary literature selections. Students are introduced to the various literary genres.


Primary Curriculum Resource: California GO MATH! – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

  • Patterns; Graphing; Sorting; Measuring; Geometric Shapes; Numerals to 100; Addition and Subtraction Facts; Time; Money; Problem Solving; Probability * Introduction to Algebra
  • Math Enrichment: Ms. Soon’s Resources, TpT Sources, and more…

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Social Studies, Geography, History, Civics)

Curriculum Resources: California Social Studies Weekly for Kindergarten; TpT Units; Scholastic Let’s Find Out; Geography Resources; Map Work: States A – Z

  • Community Helpers
  • Map and Global Skills
  • National Holidays and Symbols
  • Good Citizenship
  • Faithful Leaders

A wide variety of activities are used to explore these relationships with family, community, nation, and world through literature, film, projects, dramatic play, and crafts.

SCIENCE: (Earth, Life, and Physical Science)

Primary Curriculum Resources: Science Weekly; TpT Units; Scholastic Science Spin

  • Units of Study:
    • Ocean Life
    • Growing Things (living/non-living)
    • Plants
    • Human Body
    • Healthy Habits
    • Insects
    • Spiders
    • Animal Life Cycles
    • Weather
    • Space
    • Magnets


  • Students will learn about notable artists and major genres of art.
  • Students will express themselves through creating their “masterpieces” using a variety of techniques and media.
  • Students will create works of art and craft projects relating to each letter of the alphabet.
  • Directed drawings will be teacher-facilitated. Art Hub will be used as a resource.
  • Art to Grow On Program facilitators will provide an art enrichment lesson and project each quarter.


  • A weekly gym time encourages balance, stretch, and rhythm development using games and movement activities.
  • The weekly gym time activities may often include at least one activity that correlates to a weekly curricular theme (Examples: Letter J: Jump roping Letter O: Obstacle Course Letter R: Relay Races…)


Kindergarten students have computer class once a week. Technology access includes student computers, Chromebooks and iPads to reinforce classroom learning as developmentally appropriate. The room has a document camera and projector to facilitate instruction.


  • The Christ Lutheran Music Program provides students with the opportunity to learn musical concepts and theory through play, movement, improvisation, and creativity.
  • The goal of this music is to foster a safe environment in which students enjoy the art of music, and are encouraged to be creative and expressive. Students learn to objectively assess what they hear or what their fellow students create.
  • Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn about musical concepts and theory by learning how to play hand bells from Ms. Soon.
  • TK and Kindergarten presents an Advent/Christmas program in December.

H.E.R.O. PROGRAM: (Hide. Escape. Run. Overcome)

“This program is specifically designed to teach K – 12 students how to prevent and survive active shooter incidents with simple, easy-to-remember and truly effective strategies.” It also nurtures student confidence to respond to any kind of violence appropriately in the context of the environmental circumstance they encounter.


  • Sign Language: Students will be introduced to how to “sign” the letters of the alphabet and numbers through 20. (American Sign Language)
  • Spanish: Students will be introduced to: Spanish vocabulary thematically (colors, numbers, etc.); Basic Conversational Phrases (Hello, Thank you, Please, etc.); and Hispanic Culture. *Formal curricular instruction in the Spanish language begins in first grade and continues with classes through eighth grade.


  • Special thematic units based on student interests and suggestions
  • When permitted, we will go on field trips that reinforce what we are learning, in addition to having special “on-campus” presentations based on lesson themes.
  • Service-based Learning: Students will learn through participating in serving others through special service and mission projects throughout the year.
  • Christian character affirmation will be acknowledged schoolwide through the awarding of “Zap” Awards. A drawing will be held once a month after chapel to award a free dress pass.

KINDERPAL PROGRAM: (Kindergarten and Eight Grade)

Kindergarten and Eighth Grade students participate in the “Kinderpals” program. We meet together and have a great time of fellowship, fun, and learning. We work together on service projects and participate in special thematic lessons, projects, and activities.
service, studying the Bible, writing and composing music, traveling and missions work.

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