Computer Lab

In the Christ Lutheran Computer Lab, students participate in twice-weekly 45 minute classes with both group and individual projects. The majority of the project based learning for elementary students is found in Microsoft Applications, while our middle school students work mainly with Google Applications.

We have recently added 3D Printers to our Computer Lab and will begin to add 3D projects to our curriculum.

In the Computer Lab we talk a lot about internet safety and what it looks like to be a responsible “digital citizen.” Each year, students participate in the worldwide “Hour of Code” program and the national “Internet Safety Week.” In addition, we provide free parenting seminars led by the “Cyber Safety Cop” team with such topics as “Parenting in the Digital World.”

2020 Internet Safety Week at CLS!

This week in Computer Class we have put our regular lessons to the side, and have focused on the topic of online safety.  I utilize a great resource called The NetSmartz Workshop, which provides age-appropriate videos, activities and presentations for children ages 5 – 17.  Some topics include:

  • “UYN” (Use Your NetSmartz) by never giving out personal information
  • Tell a Trusted Adult – if you find something that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable
  • The Webville Outlaws, such as Meet-Me-Mack, who tries to get kids he talks to online to meet him face to face
  • Being a Good Digital Citizen vs. Cyberbullying
  • Terrible Text – how does it feel to receive a mean or hurtful text?
  • Are you a Bystander (ignore a bad situation) or do you step up?
  • Social Media and Digital Footprints – how might posting too much or posting inappropriately affect you? Your friends and family? Your future?
  • “Grooming” – online predators
  • Real Life Stories and Consequences
  • Every person has the responsibility as a child of God to show ethical, faith-filled digital citizenship.

Please remember that you, the parent or guardian, are our kid’s best online protection. Please be aware of what your child does on the internet, talk to them about potential online dangers, and monitor their computer and phone use.  Let’s work together to make our children safe online!

In Christ,
Susan Woeste
Computer Teacher

Our new Computer Lab was featured on RPV-TV. Check it out!

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