Outdoor Education


Trips are subject to change. This is a tentative schedule based on what our students have enjoyed in the past. Please check with your teacher for a firm schedule.

3rd Grade

  • El Dorado Nature Center
  • California Science Center
  • Banning Museum
  • Autry National Center
  • Armstrong Theater
  • Mulligan’s

4th Grade

  • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • Rancho Los Cerritos

5th Grade

  • Astrocamp (3 day trip)
  • Riley’s Farm
  • Camelot Park

6th Grade

  • *El Camino Pines (3 day trip)
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Warren Grand Theater

*El Camino Pines is a camp with Christian staff in Frazier Park, focusing on environment, astronomy, geology, forestry, and group dynamics. The camp staff makes learning fun and students always say it’s the best camp ever! The approx. cost is $325.

7th Grade

  • Museum of Tolerance
  • Medieval Times
  • *Catalina (3 day trip)
  • Universal Studios Hollywood

*The unique kelp beds of Catalina Island are an ideal setting for hands on outdoor education opportunities. Students learn in a variety of ways from snorkeling adventures to nature hikes to laboratory activities to interactive slide shows and discussions. Our program explores how we can live more sustainable on this planet and what this generation of young people can do to make a difference. The approx. cost is $350.00

8th Grade

  • Riley’s Farm
  • Reagan Library
  • *Washington D.C. (5 day trip)
  • Disneyland

*The 8th graders visit the actual places they study during History! The trip explores places like Colonial Williamsburg and Pamplin Parks’ Museum of the Civil War soldiers. Students sit in the midst of a reenactment of Patrick Henry’s rousing speech delivered at St. John’s Church. Arlington cemetery is toured and the rich history of our country’s heroes are brought to life. Students visit Smithsonian Museums, Ford’s Theater, The National Cathedral, and more monuments and memorials. The treasures of the Capitol Building, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress are examined first hand. The students even have dinner with Thomas Jefferson in Yorktown where they are able to ask him questions about his life and the ideas that shaped our constitution. The focus of this trip is on education and fun! The appox. cost is $2,500. Students have an opportunity to fundraiser all year to help offset the cost.