Frequently Asked Questions

How does Christ Lutheran Church and School differ from other schools in our community?
Christ Lutheran’s mission is based on the bible verse, John 21:25 ~ “Feed my lambs.” We strive to strengthen those who are in relationship with Jesus Christ; help the wavering and wondering into relationship with Jesus Christ; and develop and strengthen the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional gifts God has given our students and families. We put the Word of God above all else and let Him guide us in all our practices and in how we approach our Christ community.

Do you need to be Lutheran or a member of the Christ Lutheran Church to be accepted?
No. We accept students from all different backgrounds. We do teach our faith through daily prayers and devotionals and weekly chapel. All our students take religion as part of our curriculum. We do not however force our students to convert or become Lutheran during their time at our school. Instead, our hope is that the seeds that are planted in our students will lead them on their spiritual path and allow them to have a close, personal relationship with God.

What is your class size?
We have a 25:1 student-teacher ratio in our classes from Kindergarten through grade 5 and a 28:1 student-teacher ratio for grades 6-8. In addition, we have aides that assist our teachers.  This allows for our teachers to have a more hands on approach to teaching and allows for individualized attention for all students in their classrooms. We have teacher’s aides who assist in classrooms throughout the day and a dedicated aide for Kindergarten.

What extra-curricular activities are available to the students?
We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to our students starting with our Kindergartners. We offer after school classes such as cooking, cheer, soccer, basketball, LEGO STEM and more! 

What is the educational or experience level of your teachers?
We require all teachers to have a teaching credential and at minimum a Bachelors Degree. Many have Masters Degrees. 

Is the financial aid offered to families?
Yes. Once your child has been accepted into Christ Lutheran Church and School parents are able to fill out and financial aid application. This application is evaluated by an independent company who assesses your family’s needs. Once the school has received the report we award financial aid accordingly.

Are there support services available to my student if they have special needs?
While we do not have a special education department, we do offer some support services to our students. We have counseling services and tutoring for students and families in need of them. If we have students who have been identified as needing modifications and special services based on an IEP, we will work with the students to try and meet their needs.

How do Christ Lutheran Church and School test scores compare with the other schools in the area?
Our standardized test scores are one way we assess the academic success of our students. We use the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) every fall for grades 2-8. This scores are used to allow our teachers to see where their students are at and what we need to do to ensure our students are at grade level or higher before moving on to the next year. In our elementary grades, our students on average test at grade level or higher in all subjects: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our upper grades on average test two grade levels higher than their current grade.

What percentage of your students graduate?
We have a 100% graduation rate among our 8th grade class. In addition, we have seen our students go on to become their High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians and score in the 99 percentile on their SAT’s.

What High Schools do your students get accepted to?
Our students go on to a variety of different High Schools in the area. While many of our students attend public schools in the area, a large number go on to private High Schools. Below is a list of some of the private schools we see our students attend:

  • Pacific Lutheran High School
  • Mary Star of the Sea High School
  • Bishop Montgomery High School
  • Valley Christian High School
  • Ambassador High School
  • Port of Los Angeles High School (POLA)
  • Loyola High School

Is Christ Lutheran Church and School accredited?
Yes. In 1997, our Kindergarten-8th grade program received accreditation through the National Lutheran School Commission along with the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. In the spring of 2000, a WASC team revisited the campus as part of the ongoing process of review and evaluation. In March 2003 the campus was revisited and as a result the accreditation was extended through June 2009. During November 2009, CLCS was visited by a WASC team and awarded a six year accreditation term, the best available! A mid-year visit was conducted in March 2012 to monitor our progress on our stated goals and the recommendations made by our visiting team. CLCS received a glowing report with many commendation and no additional recommendations outside our planned activities. We submit yearly progress reports to the National Lutheran School Accrediting Committee,

Christ RP VITBS class averages 2019