Raise Right

Christ Lutheran Church and School has used scrip as a fundraising vehicle for years.  Scrip is the process of purchasing gift cards from brands that you shop with everyday that offer a rebate (or earnings) that get credited back to Christ Lutheran.

The purpose of this program is to empower our families to offset fees and costs associated with the investment they’re making in an education at Christ Lutheran.

To empower families as much as possible, we recently updated the program to RaiseRight. 

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What was once just a process of purchasing physical gift cards onsite at Christ Lutheran (which we continue to offer), RaiseRight adds the convenience and immediacy of e-gift cards available on demand through its app and website.

Now, truly, everyday purchases with businesses you already shop with can earn credits back to Christ Lutheran that your family can designate.

How is it empowering to your family?  Here are some examples:

#1 A family uses RaiseRight and generates $750 in earnings in the 2023-2024 school year.  These earnings recorded in their RaiseRight account eliminate the subsequent 2024 RaiseRight annual fee for their family (presently $400), and the remaining $350 can be designated toward school fees such as Registration.  This families registration fee for 2024 would be reduced by $350, making a significant impact on the cost of our education.

#2 A family uses RaiseRight and generates $350 in earnings in the 2023-2024 school year.  These earnings signficantly reduce the 2024 RaiseRight annual fee.

Enrollment in RaiseRight is key.  Please consult with our RaiseRight Coordinator Susie Montgomery with questions about your account or how to get enrolled.

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The sky is the limit with RaiseRight.  For 2023-2024 Christ Lutheran wants to get as many school families ENROLLED as possible to take advantage of the ease of the RaiseRight app to empower them to manage the cost of investing in a Christ Lutheran education.  Church leadership is actively considering additional ways to designate earnings that will further empower you to support and afford Christ Lutheran.

Enroll and put RaiseRight to work for you today!