Parental Partnership Covenant Agreement

Christ Lutheran School Parental Partnership Covenant Agreement

Christ Lutheran School seeks to provide a quality, safe, Christ-centered education characterized by students loving, caring, and excelling in all areas of development. By God’s grace and blessing, students are supported in achieving these goals through a mutual partnership between school and parents based on the foundation, understanding, and practice of unity, Christian love, respect, and peace.

      As the Parent/Guardian of a Christ Lutheran student you agree by signing this partnership agreement that you will:

  • Support the educational objectives of Christ Lutheran School, as outlined in the Christ Lutheran Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Support and follow school rules, policies, and discipline protocols, and support your child in doing the same.
  • Partner with and support Christ Lutheran in helping your child show respect for God, peers, parents, and those in authority.
  • Set an example in word and deed of respect for God, for Christ Lutheran teachers and staff, parents, and for those in authority.
  • Follow proper channels for communication of issues and concerns by first going directly to the teacher and/or administrator, as applicable.
  • Cultivate an environment of serenity, harmony, prosperity, and safety.
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or any substance that could inhibit your ability to safely and soberly supervise and care for students while serving as a school field trip driver and/or school field trip/event chaperone.
  • Seek to serve cooperatively and responsibly in support of Christ Lutheran’s school ministry, students, families, and staff.
  • Encourage and foster unity, Christian love, respect, and peace by modeling this to all.
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for your parental conduct.

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